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Next Generation Hi-Tech Solutions for Commercial & Government Entities

Globalfors Incorporation delivers breakthrough manufacturing capabilities targeting various stakeholders of the Government and business at scale.

GLOBALFORS Incorporation started its diversified portfolio by investing in more than five different critical projects. GLOBALFORS Incorporation established 4 new subsidiaries;

  • Greenfors Energy, Agriculture, Animal Industry, Fisheries Development & Food Security Enterprise,
  • Petra Global Next-Gen Construction Investment Enterprise,
  • Medicalfors Next Generation Healthcare Solutions Enterprise,
  • TheSkyFors Space & Aviation’s Enterprise,
  • SDI Global LLC Investment Enterprise.

GLOBALFORS & Subsidiaries Timeline

Portable Ground Control Stations (GCS) for
UAV, Drones and Robotics

GLOBALFORS provides the highest quality of Ground Control Stations (GCS) solutions.


The Best Operational Anti-Suicide Drone Swarm Killbox System

The Worlds Best Artificial Intelligence Based Unmanned Aerial Systems “UAS” KillBox.

OPENEYES Can Scan, Detect & Classify and TERMINATES All type of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

The OPENEYES KILLBOX Can Terminate All type of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the KILLZONE using 20 mm & 12.7 mm GATLING GUN SYSTEMS.

Protect Your Sensitive Sites and Provide Cutting Edge Appropriate Security Solutions