Who We Are

Incorporate Profile

Global Fors and its affiliated companies possesses more than two decades of industry experience and comprehensive market knowledge especially in Aviation & Aerospace Solutions, Electronics & Communications Solutions, Defense & Homeland Security Solutions, Medical & Healthcare Solutions, Telecommunications, Mission-Critical Technology, Deployable Centers of Excellence, Prefabricated Steel Construction, Energy and Food Security.

The Essence of Our Business

To be recognized as one of the world’s premier systems engineering and technology enterprise .

Our Global Activities

GLOBALFORS international team is dedicated to strengthening our global partnerships.

Our Community Involvement

As GLOBALFORS, Aid is a part of our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Our Businesses

GLOBALFORS diversified portfolio in more than five different critical projects.

Our Success Stories


Explore the remarkable little-known histories behind the achievements that shaped our innovation.