Wireless Public Announcment Systems


ewc3aGLOBALFORS Orient offers a wireless announcement system with a variety of wireless speakers to match any type of indoor or outdoor application. The speakers can be programmed to be activated individually or as part of multiple announcing zones. As an innovative solution, this wireless announcement system offers easy installation, expansion and integration with existing wired PA systems, without the need to run any wires.

GLOBALFORS Orient long-range wireless public announcement systems for outdoor environments enable you to amplify your voice and music across a wide area. Easily be heard over the crowd, and successfully communicate to a large number of people. It combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces. With these equipment so carefully designed, it looks as good as it sounds.

The GLOBALFORS Orient long-range wireless public announcement systems are rugged and durable outdoor PA systems which are designed to operate in difficult weather conditions and are resilient to the extreme heat or cold and an ideal solution where a hard-wired PA installation is simply impossible, too expensive, or temporary. Made lightweight without any compromise to the quality of sound, be ready for any emergency situation and safely manage the crowd. GLOBALFORS Orient long-range wireless P.A. systems the choice of acoustic professionals for more than 10 years.

The main advantages of a GLOBALFORS Orient wireless announcement system are:
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  • Wireless overhead announcement and voice messaging throughout the facility,
  • Wireless break bell and clock time synchronization,
  • Utilizes wireless PA speakers for bell alerts and voice announcements,
  • Provides instant voice notifications during emergency situations,
  • Variety of radio transmitters to match any facility size,
  • Easy system expansion and cost-effective wireless installation,
  • Weather resistant for outdoor use.

Each GLOBALFORS Orient overhead announcement system offers additional wireless options for even more productivity improvement, such as: wireless emergency notifications, two-way intercom communications, break bell alerts, time synchronization, text messaging to alphanumeric LED displays, remote activation of wireless strobe lights & sirens and more.

Designed for any venue, the GLOBALFORS Orient is one of the first long-range wireless PA system to offer wireless transmission to any number of its powered companion speakers, meaning it has virtually unlimited expandability to handle any situation. GLOBALFORS Orient is a complete self-contained, portable sound system with two built-in wireless mic receivers, a MP3 player and features 90-watts RMS of power with a single unit easily covering crowds of 500 people or more. You also get the option for two additional microphones for a total of four mics.

The GLOBALFORS Orient also offers some great PA features including visual confirmation of power, radio frequency and audio reception for each of its two wireless receivers. TX06 verici - CopyIts high-powered woofer is driven by a high-frequency compression driver for optimal audio reproduction. The GLOBALFORS Orient also has independent bass and treble controls, digital master volume control, power status indicator, a universal power supply and is CE approved safe for use in different areas and public venues.

The indoor / outdoor long-range wireless public announcement systems by GLOBALFORS Orient are resilient and operate in any weather condition and is just one great option for you to consider.

Wireless Public Announcement Receivers & Speakers

The Innovation GLOBALFORS Orient wireless public announcement receivers & speakers are perfect for hearing crisp, clear Voice Communication and Tone Signaling, in all private / public & facility applications. Requiring only standard electric or solar energy, these wireless receivers & speakers are the ideal solution for eliminating expensive/costly wiring, or as a replacement to existing failed hard wired speakers. Accurately controlled and wirelessly coordinated using the PA Transmitter/software, announcements, class change and break notifications are easily generated, providing enhanced audibility, and reliability.