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GLOBALFORS Orient TALKBAK system is completely wireless and handheld. With its Latest 863-865 MHz UHF Long Distance frequencies, PLL synthesized design, noise-cancellation technology, long operational range (up to 200m), 8-10 hours of battery life time after full-charge  and outdoor or indoor usage capability enables the users to have crystal clear conversations and to hear every word clearly and easily. GLOBALFORS Orient TALKBAK System units are daisy-chained together to enable the users to engage, suggest and interact to make things better.

At GLOBALFORS, we are all about bringing quality TALKBAK communication system to all our clients, no matter what their need or events is. Another benefit of GLOBALFORS Orient TALKBAK System is that it does not require highly complex and time-consuming setup of equipments and booths, unlike when making use of the usual communication systems.

As such, the system can also be used in other settings such as wireless team communication, mission critical operations, wireless walkie talkie, shooting polygon communication, training, Radio guide system, building facility visits, industrial tour guide system for visiting, audio guide system, simultaneous interpretation, RF interpretation system, wireless digital conference system, Radio communication, tourism guide system, museum guide system, city tour, theater, cinema, auditorium, classroom or boardroom, closed door business meetings which require real time interpreting, as well as building facility visits.

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RF Band Type        : UHF

Op.(talk) Range     : Up to 200 meters

Frequency             : 863-865MHz

Freq. Channels  : 10 Channels

Oscillation Mode  : PLL Synthesized

Batter Type           : built-in Li-Pol battery

Battery time          : 8-10 Hours

Dimensions  : 55 mm x 80 mm x 25 mm