Tactical Medical Solutions



GLOBALFORS Engineered Technologies is a proven leader in the design, development and production of integrated, deployable solutions.


GLOBALFORS manufactures field hospitals for military, humanitarian, peace operations and emergency situations. These mobile field hospitals are custom designed for specific levels of care, operational requirements, and budgets. They range in size from sheltering tens to hundreds of beds. In addition to providing the structures, we also offer full turnkey facilities, custom medical equipment packages, and camps for hospital staff.

Our field hospitals are based on the widely used GLOBALFORS GMES portable shelters. These shelters are configured to meet your exact needs for medical applications.

Rapidly Deployable ROLE 1 Field Hospital (First Aid & Triage)

This first stop ROLE 1 Medical-Care station with various configurations is an ultra-fast Deployable healthcare solution designed to receive, diagnose, and treat patients.

Rapidly Deployable ROLE 2 Field Hospital (Portable Surgical Centre)

GLOBALFORS rapid deployable surgical center is a full surgical setup which can be crucial during disasters emergency response and military missions.

Rapidly Deployable ROLE 3 Field Hospital (Minor and Major Surgical Hospital)

GLOBALFORS ROLE 3 mobile field hospitals are designed for medical intervention in case of natural disasters and emergency activities to perform all the required evacuate, diagnose, cure, and temporarily hospitalize the patients as a fully functional hospital.


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Role 2 Medical Treatment Facility, Basic Primary Healthcare, Forward Surgical Hospital, Advanced Trauma Management, Mobile Field Surgical Team, Small Portable Expeditionary Aeromedical Rapid Response Hospital, Expeditionary Medical Support Basic, Military Surgical Aid, Emergency War Surgery.

Role 3 Medical Treatment Facility, Combat Support Hospital, Early-Entry Hospitalization Element, Modular Augmentation Medical Treatment Facility, Tactical Field Hospitalization and Outpatient Services Facility, Transportable Surgical Hospital, Surgical Field Hospital.