GLOBALFORS custom designed multi-prupose shelters can be made to fit our customer’s needs. GLOBALFORS’s extensive, experienced Engineering Design Staff can readily customize these shelters to accept your specific systems.
We design and manufacture multi-prupose shelters for Armed Forces, Security Agencies, humanitarian, peace operations and emergency situations. By our decentralized technology, with small support machines placed in each of the units, you will obtain max flexibility; “STAND ALONE CAPABILITY”

Each shelter design is tailored to our clients particular requirements and climate. Our experienced designers and engineers will work with our clients to make sure that everything meets their specifications.

GLOBALFORS shelters are durable and easily transportable.


GLOBALFORS fabric shelters are a result of several years experience engineering, designing, and manufacturing tensioned fabric shelters for all climates and locations around the world. These high-performance fabric shelters are robust, built for tactical or semi-permanent use, and can be readily transported to the most demanding locations. GLOBALFORS fabric shelters are lightweight, highly portable, and suit most budgets.


A state-of-the-art shelter solution which is rapid-deployable, simple, easy to erect, mobile, usable and cost effective.


The American architect Paul Rudolph once said “The Mobile Home is the 20th Century Brick.”

GLOBALFORS housing container shelter is a relocatable shelter system engineered to withstand wind and other tough weather conditions. GLOBALFORS container homes with well insulated multi layer walls are safer, stronger, lower cost, and mobile.

GLOBALFORS container house shelters are the ideal choice for short and long term family size temporary and permanent accommodations. GLOBALFORS container accommodation shelters are designed to accommodate and keep homeless families safe and secured until they find permanent accommodations.

It can be considered a short or long term supportive housing for Emergency Accommodation.

GLOBALFORS housing container shelters can also be used as:

  • Refugee Shelters,
  • Living & Working Shelters,
  • Office Container Shelters,
  • Clinic Container Shelters,
  • Workshop Container Shelters,
  • Foreman/Labor Accommodation Container Shelters,
  • Ablution Container Shelters,
  • Kitchen Container Shelters,
  • Warehouse Container Shelters,
  • GSM Container Shelters,
  • Telecommunication Container Shelters,
  • Service Supply Container Shelters,
  • Base Station Container Shelters,
  • Radar Station Container Shelters,
  • Fuel Tank Container Shelters,
  • Drilling Camp Container Shelters,
    and many other housing container shelters solutions.