Security Barriers

Security Barriers



Rapid Deployable Barriers

GLOBALFORS Manufactures many types of metal crowd control fences and barriers.

The GLOBALFORS Movable Crowd Stopper Barricades constructed of galvanized steel frame with wire mesh. These heavy duty portable chain link fence panels are designed and built to give many years of service and supplied with connectors to secure panels together to form a continuous fence.

Each GLOBALFORS rapid deploy crowd control pedestrian barricade section includes couplers to join units up to two levels and in runs of any length.

Hydraulic Road Blocker Barriers

Hydraulic Road Blocker is designed for vehicle entry/access points or roads that are need to pedestrianized (private roads, controlled parking areas, industrial fields, marketplaces etc). When Road Blocker is open, in case of a car bumping, it can block passing of vehicles that are 30 tons per axle, while, when its closed, it will not block passing of the vehicles and will not be damaged. 3 seconds of opening/closing time.


With the micro computing controlled electronic system, it can be controlled through all kinds of card readers, bio-metric readers like finger/hand prints, remote control, button, snap locks etc. Besides, security accessories like inductive vehicle detectors, photocell, hazard warning and red/green warning lamps, can easily be integrated to the system.

Brand / Logo : can be print on barrier and can be customize as per your specification.

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Road Block 001

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