Nuclear Medicine Solutions


As Global Fors, we combine our knowledge of shielding technology with our engineering skills to design, manufacture, install and commission shielding solutions to protect people and equipments against the threats posed by radiation.

We design and manufacture a wide range of radiation shielding solutions, from walls to doors of facilities like Medical Facilities, Research Laboratories, Universities, Hot Cells, Nuclear Stations, Government Facilities and Communication Centers.

Considering the hazard of the project, the shielding can be applied as Solid Steel Plate or Supplied with Cores of Lead, Concrete, or Borated Polyethylene.

Global Fors power operation, special hardware & controls include varied sensor technologies and programmable logic to assure mission-critical compliance with site security and safety.

Our genuine in-house made infra-red sensors (active AIR /passive PIR), microwave sensors and other components are designed to meet high standards and are employed to detect both personnel and inanimate objects which might interfere with, or be impacted by motions.

Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI / RFI), Shielding For Radiation Therapy, Radiotherapy Radiation Shielding, (X-ray, Gamma & Neutron), MRI Shielding, Magnetic Fields, Electromagnetic Pulse, Medical Imaging suites – PET & PET/CT Scanner Radiation Shielding Installations, Linear Accelerator (Linac) Bunkers Shielding.

For GlobalFors Nuclear Medicine Solutions, Please contact our sales team to request more information.