Panic Rooms


GLOBALFORS Corporation and its affiliated companies designs, manufactures and installs leading-edge, single-source turnkey custom Panic Room solutions in order to protect people from light and heavy fire arms, bombs and other terrorist actions.

In high-threat situations, GLOBALFORS Panic Rooms are fully equipped to safe-contain people and Valuable Things in houses, work places, official departments and any other location.

GLOBALFORS Panic Rooms can be Specially customized to accommodate customer needs in order to provide the ultimate safety solution for VIP, Government, Public, Military and Police. Our experience in the field of Panic Rooms include advanced integration of RF communications, Surveillance Systems, Life-Sustaining Equipment’s, Rugged Hardware and Safe-Stay Furniture that make up our counter Terrorism systems. GLOBALFORS Panic Rooms have already been tested and proven as a valuable asset (saving lives).

All GLOBALFORS Panic Rooms core materials can be upgraded as ballistic technology improves.