MRI Sheilding


GLOBALFORS Shielded rooms provide the necessary RF quiet environment in which to conduct many different application tests such as EMC, wireless technology on automotive or military vehicles, MRI scans, etc. These rooms are built with GLOBALFORS modular RF Shielding, Electromagnetic Pulse Protection EMPP Shielding, TEMPEST (Secure Communications) shielding and architectural shielding full systems.
Radiated Emission: 30MHz ‐ 18GHz
Radiated Immunity: 30MHz ‐ 6GHz

GLOBALFORS RF shielding protects from (attenuates) external electromagnetic and radio frequencies which may distort images created by the MRI. The layout and type of magnetic shielding depends on the magnet used in the MRI system.

Three different designs: Pantype Modular System, Copper Shield, Woodcore Modular System
Three types of flooring: All Metal, Panel System, Combination Copper