Infectious Disease Field Hospitals


GLOBALFORS manufactures rapid deployable field hospitals for emergency situations. These Negative-Pressure Area field hospitals are custom designed for specific levels of care, operational requirements, and budgets. They range in size from sheltering hundreds to thousands of beds. In addition to providing the structures, we also offer full turnkey facilities, custom medical equipment packages, and camps for hospital staff.

The GLOBALFORS COVID-19 READY Rapid Deployable Hospital is ready for a major infectious disease outbreak to treat masses of patients with COVID-19 simultaneously, the field hospital can be ready to erect a temporary, fully functioning container, semi-trailer and tent hospital within 72 hours whenever and wherever it’s needed. The GLOBALFORS COVID-19 READY Rapid Deployable Hospital can be moved by truck, airplane, or boat in 20 and 40 foot-long vehicles.

GLOBALFORS Hospital Readiness for Infectious Disease Outbreaks

The GLOBALFORS COVID-19 READY Rapid Deployable Hospital is prepared to treat a patient having COVID-19 symptoms like this:

  • As soon as someone walks into a hospital, signage, questionnaires, and prompts in the electronic health record would be in place to ask about possible symptoms and exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Once the person is suspected of having COVID-19, that patient would be given a surgical mask and placed in an isolation room within negative-pressure area.
  • Then, only staff who have been trained in proper protocols for donning and doffing PPE—likely from the emergency department—would provide clinical assessment and care. The patient’s symptoms are tested, a sample is collected and sent to the In-Facility Labs for evaluation and process.
  • If COVID-19 patients are generally well, they should be isolated at related wards and carefully monitored in an airborne infection isolation room with trained staff and overall guidance to manage visitors and items entering and leaving the room.

GLOBALFORS Rapidly Deployable ROLE II-PLUS Mobile Hospital (IN-PATIENT Contamination)

GLOBALFORS LEVEL 2 plus mobile field hospitals are designed for medical intervention in case of natural disasters and emergency activities to perform all the required evacuate, diagnose, cure, and temporarily hospitalize the patients as a fully functional hospital in order to deliver world-class medical care to patients and injured peoples by humanitarian, government disaster & emergency response organizations and military forces whenever and wherever needed. GLOBALFORS Field hospitals are mobile, transportable by any means (Air – airplane and helicopter-, Road, Sea, and Railway). 

Our Infectious Disease Field Hospitals are based on the widely used GLOBALFORS modular portable shelters. These shelters are configured to meet your exact needs for medical applications, including:

  • TriageDSCN4428.1
  • Field Contamination
  • Triage / Resuscitation
  • ER
  • Surgery Unit
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Decontamination Ward
  • HDU Male Patient Observation Ward
  • HDU Female Patient Observation Ward
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Hematology Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Outpatient care
  • Obstetrics and maternity
  • Nursery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Morgue + Autopsy

GLOBALFORS provide modular or full package hospital solutions from triage to resuscitation, surgery, and post-operative care, camps for hospital staff, ablution/washhouses, kitchens, dining halls, laundry, laboratory, morgue and power generator. GLOBALFORS solutions are designed and manufactured in-house as modular, tailored to meet all our customer requirements and needs from compact panels, to steel containers (Extendable containers, Expandable containers and Armored containers) and prefabricated stationary hospitals. All Medical Equipment Brands and Types are supplied upon customer requests.


Triage Unit is where the patients are brought into, before they are transferred to the related units for further stabilization of their condition and performance of the required diagnostic investigation, and is equipped with the necessary medical equipments for it.

Intensive Care Unit

A unit where patients kept under surveillance after or before surgery to maintenance stabilized vital signs and has all necessary medical unit like medical gasses, patient monitoring systems etc. installed.DSCN4373.1
Operating Theatre (Initial Wound or Injury Surgery)

A unit that is equipped with necessary instruments to be able to perform all kind of surgical operations. Each table supported with separate medical gas installations, operating lamps and anesthesia devices. O/T also contains hygienic air-conditioning, ventilation with Hepa filtration, as well as a room for doctor preparation.


Resuscitation unit is where a series of actions taken to establish normal breathing, heart rate, color, tone and response of a patient with abnormal vital signs.


Unit where detailed diagnostic precautions taken with the help of a digital or standard x-ray machine. The unit is specially designed and produced such as walls covered with lead etc.
Obstetrics and Maternity
Unit is equipped to be able to provide necessary service for women health
Unit where a basic ophthalmology consultations taken place with the help of necessary equipments
Outpatient department is where the patients being examined by the doctors. According to the diagnosis, patients are guided to the necessary divisions like radiology, laboratory etc.


The dental unit is fully equipped with necessary medical materials and accessory equipments to provide emergency dental care to ambulatory and in-patients of the hospital. It will have a one dental chair, equipped with a high-speed drill, an X-Ray machine with an automatic developer and a small laboratory for the preparation of dental material.


The unit is designed for the care of a young child or children.

Laboratory + Pharmacy

The laboratory is divided into a biochemical area and a hematology area. Its responsibility is to perform various examination of samples prepared by other departments, is equipped with a set L-1, sterilization apparatus LA-60 and other material necessary for the operation of a clinical laboratory.

Morgue + Autopsy

This unit is equipped with cold storage for bodies and also necessary items to perform Autopsy.

HDU Wards

Patients, not in an emergency situation, are hold in Wards unit, which are equipped with necessary medical equipments like infusion stands for each patient-bed, trays, medicine dispense tools…

Personnel Ward

Personnel Ward, as an isolated container, where the hospital personnel are staying, is equipped with bunk beds and cabinets, air-conditioning etc.

Command CenterDSCN4415.1

Command Center is equipped with necessary communication devices for inside and outside communication, and can be used as an office for the hospital commander. Command Center Unit is suitable for storing hospital records, statistics as an administrative unit.

Technical Support

In the Technical Support Unit, there is a mobile kitchen with a capacity to serve up to 70-80 people, which is appropriate to be used in outside because of its sunshade, as well. There are two diesel generators, with each has capacity to fulfill hospitals energy requirements, are settled in cabinets due to weather conditions. Fuel tank, main distribution panel and grounding facilities are included. Also, in Technical Support Unit, 3-ton capacity water storage, filtration, 4 WC (with waste water storage), 6×6 trucks suitable for every kind of terrain, fences, bower for guard, direction signboards are included.