Field Camp Solutions

Tactical Field Camp Solutions

GLOBALFORS field camp shelters solutions are designed to allow tremendous flexibility in military camp solutions. Our prefabricated structures and camps are carefully designed for mobility and redeployment. Each camp’s design is tailored to your particular military operational requirements and climate. Our experienced designers and engineers will work with you to make sure that everything meets your specifications.

GLOBALFORS can manufacture any size or type of military camp needed, ranging from simple accommodation shelters to stand-alone units, such as field kitchens, field ablutions, field laundry & ironing, and offices. We can also provide a full turnkey facility, consisting of either fixed-wall shelters only, expandable shelters, demountable-wall shelters, or a combination of shelters with requested structures.

GLOBALFORS’s proven track record of supplying camps also includes required systems:

Power generation and distribution
Drinking Water filtration, Water storage, and Water distribution
Food Supply
Cold Storage and Freezers
Waste management
Worship units
Camp security
Fire protection

Military Camp – Shelter Categories

Fixed/expandable/demountable-Wall Accommodation Units
Fixed/expandable/demountable-Wall Maintenance Shops
Special-Purpose GMES Configurations
Hangar Systems

Deployment Configurations

Tagalong Deployment
Green-Field or Brown-Field Base Deployment
Tactical Systems and Operation Centers


Forward Operating Base Support Solutions, Lightweight Military Shelters, Semi Permanent Military Facilities, Field Life Support Spectrum, Modular Shelters, Scalable Accommodating Shelters, Mission Support Units, Mobile Field Camps.