Electronic Warfare Systems


GLOBALFORS Corporation and its affiliated companies provides leading-edge, single-source turnkey custom RF Jammer solutions in order to counter RCIED bomb threats involving remote controlled detonators. Our experience in the field of RF Jamming include advanced integration of RF components and Jamming hardware jamm1.fwthat make up our counter IED systems.

GLOBALFORS BEAT® (Blocking Electronic Activated Threats) is a next-generation heavy duty IED Vehicle Integrated High Power Modular Radio Signal Protection Jammer that neutralizes Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices for VVIP Convoy protection.

BEAT Jamming System provides an ultra-efficient, high-power simultaneously multi-band jamming RF frequency bands most used around the world, including Walky-Talky (VHF/UHF), Cellular (CDMA, TDMA, GSM, HGSM, etc.), Satellite, GPS and Computer Network (WLAN, WiFi, Bluetooth) jamm3.fwfrequency bands to prevent deadly criminal acts such as radio controlled car bombings, assassinations, and other terrorist actions involving remote controlled weapons.

GLOBALFORS BEAT Jamming System has a unique RF energy distribution structure that gives those traveling in convoy vehicles the maximum protection required when dealing with RCIED and IED weapons such as roadside bombs triggered by remote control.

BEAT Jamming System Specially customized to accommodate a fully integrated broad band jamming system which provides the ultimate solution for Military and Police convoys or VIP protection.


Fully Integrated in Vehicle,
Ultra-Fast SMART Jamming Technology,
Frequency Band is Optional / Customizable, Each Band Can Work Independently,Jamm0
Multi Modules are Controlled Separately and Also Can Work Simultaneously,
Each Module With Antenna Can Be Used as a Single Jammer,
Compact Remote Control Unit Providing Full System Operation & Control,
Password Protection,
5” LCD Touch Screen,
Rugged Housing, Over Heat & Short Circuit Self Protection and Warning,jamm5.fw
Open/Short Circuit Self Protection and Warning,
Specially Designed Waterproof, Shockproof and Anti Vibration Structure,
SMART Automatic Cooling System with Excellent Heat Dispersion,
Customizable Antenna Platform Options,
Complies to Mil-Std-810F, Built-in Test, VSWR Protection for the Power Amplifiers.


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