Cyclotron Door


Our Genuine radiation shielding solutions such as GMSK Cyclotron Vault Doors designed to block and shield the entrance to a cyclotron bunker.

The Cyclotron door is a Plug Door guided by rails driven smoothly to overlap at the staired door frame in order to seal the entrance of the bunker to complete the shielding in the opening area of the Vault. The Cyclotron Bunker Door is filled with the same concrete type and the thikness is same as the Cyclotron Bunker walls to ensure full shielding protection against gamma rays and neutrons.

Our genuine doors and safety systems complies with related standards and regulations.

Please contact our sales team to discuss how Global Fors can assist you in your containment needs and radiation shielding and to request more information.

 Cyclotron       Tasarim Video1.avi_snapshot_01.54_[2015.01.02_19.15.45]      Tasarim Video1.avi_snapshot_02.00_[2015.01.02_19.16.49]