Corporate Profile


Global Fors and its affiliated companies possesses more than two decades of industry experience and comprehensive market knowledge especially in Armored Chambers, Electronics & Communications Solutions, Defense & Homeland Security Solutions, Medical & Healthcare Solutions, Telecommunications,  Mission-Critical Technology, Deployable Centers of Excellence, Prefabricated Construction,  and Food Security.

Global Fors operates, through subsidiaries and affiliated companies, in diverse economic sectors, SDI GLOBAL LLC Corporation, GREENFORS Corporation, PETRA GLOBAL Corporation, MEDICALFORS Corporation and The SKYFORS.

In fact at Global Fors, we specialize in providing customer–based manufacturing and services.  The ‘integrated team’ concept means working closely with the client as one team, the clients’ interests always being regarded as the primary objective.

Global Fors is an ambitious forward thinking corporation that seeks to achieve excellence by entering into cooperative business relationships and joint ventures with proven Turkish and International market leaders.  Global Fors approaches its employment needs from the same point of view as it approaches its commercial relationships, requiring an absolute dedication to quality.

All Global Fors products are designed and manufactured to exceeding standards, focusing on performance, reliability, and ease of use and cost effectiveness. Utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies, customer requirements are engineered into leading edge designs and products, outstanding in both quality and value.