Anti Thermal



Drones and thermal vision have been held up to the common citizenry for years as the end-all-be-all of combat and surveillance technology.

GLOBALFORS developed the HAYALET Anti-Thermal camouflage which can make thermal imaging and drones primary advantage useless.
It is possible to remove thermal vision as a threat, and thus nullify the primary strength of the drones (and other weapons) on the ground and in the skies.

GLOBALFORS HAYALET multi-spectral camouflage technology incorporates both anti-NV and anti-thermal/IR camo tech which is necessary for future warfare as you can’t truly own the night without it.


NATO Standard Polyester Mesh
Infra Red Reflective 8795B Finish
Min 22 Courses /Inch, Min 17 Wales / Inch
Easy to Use,
Very Durable With its High Tear Strength

It should be noted that GLOBALFORS also manufactures Fire Proof, Burn Proof and Bullet Proof fabric, which can be used to make military camouflage Ballistic and Fire Retardant BDUs. BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform.

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