Advanced Threat Intercept System



Vehicles loaded with explosives are a common method of terrorism. Advanced Threat Intercept System ATIS is a smart counter-terrorism measures system designed to measure multiple physical parameters of a vehicle (such as Infrared and imaging sensor, speed sensor, profile detector, weight sensor, magnetic sensor, electromagnetic signature sensor, electromagnetic interference sensor, Radar, Chemical sensor, and acoustic sensor), and, through a smart algorithm and data mine of previously measured vehicle parameters, to determine if a vehicle has a cargo that is a potential threat such as a car bomb. The Advanced Threat Intercept System ATIS is a screening system that can be placed at the entrance to a high value target like a tunnel or access road to a bridge or government building. The Advanced Threat Intercept System ATIS could identify vehicles that should be examined more closely for potential explosives. This is fast and non-intrusive vehicle screening system will reduce traffic jams near high value targets. Advanced Threat Intercept System ATIS can be placed at tool booths or other places in a vehicle traffic pattern where a vehicle has to slow down.


Munitions, Sticky Bombs, Metallic, Non-Metallic & Fertilizer Type Concealed Threats,
Mobile & Stationary Deployment,
3 Different Technologies to Determine if the Vehicle has Anomalies and Should be Check Further,
Characterization and Classification of the Vehicles,
Sniffer Technology (Optional),
Fully Passive Sensor Systems,
Safe and Reliable Usage,
Easy to Use Interface USER FRIENDLY,
Visual and Sound Notifications,
Compatible with MIL-810.

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